Let's Co-Create

Wellness Copywriter + Brand Visionary

Co-creation is the act of coming together with a trusted partner to bring your greatest business vision to life. And you can consider me your very thoughtful and experienced partner in creating a brand that feels like you. As a marketer with a background in integrative health and wellness, I’ve supported over 100 wellness coaches and entrepreneurs in creating meaningful and authentic brand identities through careful strategy and conversational copywriting. It’s a beautiful thing to bring someone else’s vision to life, and I’d love to offer my expertise to bring yours into the world too.

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I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Blair’s process and presence really helped us get to the root of what I needed my website to convey.

After spending time together, going through my story and business goals, she helped me craft a message
and format for a beautiful site rebrand. 

- Alexandra Jamieson, Author & Functional Nutrition Coach
the blog

quick tip: how to create a sexy opt-in offer.

If there’s one mistake I see newbie entrepreneurs making, it’s this: launching their websites with weak opt-in offers. Most of them say something like… Sign up for weekly inspiration! Never miss a blog post! Subscribe to my newsletter! Join my tribe! And while they are all well-intentioned, simple, and sweet, they are missing something really important: a clear value for... Read More

3 ways to make blogging a habit.

Confession. Up until 6 months ago, I had pretty much abandoned my blog. Eeek, right? As a copywriter by profession, it might not surprise you that sometimes I just don’t have any more writing juju left to give. And while over the past 3 years, I made a small effort to publish something good for my tribe, I more often... Read More

there’s one thing i miss about working in corporate.

This might come as a surprise, but there are days where I miss working for a company. It’s not necessarily the stability or the consistent paycheck or even the built-in health insurance. It’s not about being in an office space or being a boss or getting special perks like free lunch or massages. It’s about the people. The one thing... Read More