Let's Co-Create

Wellness Copywriter + Brand Visionary

Co-creation is the act of coming together with a trusted partner to bring your greatest business vision to life. And you can consider me your very thoughtful and experienced partner in creating a brand that feels like you. As a marketer with a background in integrative health and wellness, I’ve supported over 100 wellness coaches and entrepreneurs in creating meaningful and authentic brand identities through careful strategy and conversational copywriting. It’s a beautiful thing to bring someone else’s vision to life, and I’d love to offer my expertise to bring yours into the world too.

More About Me

I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Blair’s process and presence really helped us get to the root of what I needed my website to convey.

After spending time together, going through my story and business goals, she helped me craft a message
and format for a beautiful site rebrand. 

- Alexandra Jamieson, Author & Functional Nutrition Coach
the blog

how to grow your loyal tribe.

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3 essentials for writing the perfect tagline.

When it comes to creating a website, most of us immediately think, “web design!!” Yet, it’s the content of your website—more specifically the copy—that will determine whether or not you start building a community and converting potential clients. Sure, a beautiful website with pretty photos, colors, and the perfect font is what will initially peak someone’s interest. But it’s the... Read More

the unglamorous workday.

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