Some Kind Words

“Blair’s process and presence really helped us get to the root of what I needed my website to convey. After spending time together, going through my story and business goals, she helped me craft a message and format for a beautiful site rebrand. I couldn’t be happier with the results!” — Alexandra Jamieson, Author & Functional Nutrition Coach, and Co-Creator of Super Size Me, alexandrajamieson.com


“When I decided to completely revamp my website and rebrand myself, I was overwhelmed by the task of creating copy for each page of my new website. Blair came highly recommended as someone who could help me with content development. Giving her the project was one of the best decisions I could have made. She made the process so easy for me, and took all the stress right off my shoulders! She grasped the nature of my work with ease, and immediately knew how to eloquently share it with my readers. I’m so happy with the copy and highly recommend Blair and her work!— Anita Moorjani, New York Times Bestselling Author of Dying to Be Me, anitamoorjani.com


“Working with Blair was an absolute dream. I reached out to her because I was going through a rebrand and launching a new website. I needed copy to reflect the depth of my work but to also get straight to the point. Her assignment: No fluff, real depth, while still maintaining a sunny disposition and a super well-organized flow of copy for an entire website. What would typically take me 9 paragraphs to say, Blair managed to articulate in a couple of beautifully put together sentences!

When I got my copy back I remember getting teary-eyed. I was like YES YES YES!! This is what I’ve been trying to say! And it sounds AMAZING!!! It was like she became me (well the very articulate & concise me) when she wrote. She captured my energy and the feelings people tell me they get when they work with me. It was an absolute joy to work with Blair and I 100% recommend her to anyone who’s ready to take their business to the next level!!” — Meg Sylvester, Mindset Coach, megsylvester.com


“I cannot express how thrilled I am with your work. It is everything I have wanted and meant for my work to be and a full representation of it. It speaks to your talent- I am not an easy sell on copy and I’m always somewhat skeptical going into branding efforts- sometimes it goes so sideways. But you have been a dream!” — Heather K. Terry, CPG Business Mentor, Investor, and Strategist, heatherkterry.com



“Working with Blair was not only fun, but it was also amazing to watch her process my brand and come back with pithy and engaging verbiage that said exactly what I wanted to say. Because she was able to put words to my purpose so beautifully, it truly brought me to tears. She is honest, timely and a great person to work with for anyone looking to build out their brand messaging and website copy.” — Lucas Mack, Founder of the Vulnerable Heroes, lucasmack.com



“I have spent thousands (!!) with business coaches and copywriters and a branding “expert” and NONE of them got me, my work, or helped me to reflect it in my website or social media. I am so truly, truly grateful…I was about to give up! Instead, today, I am filled with tears of joy for finally having everything pulled together and being able to bring my heart, soul, and work to more people.” — Martha Blessing, Intuitive Healing Mentor & Life Coach, marthablessing.com



“Is it possible to view someone’s website and feel totally connected to the images, the words, the vibe? YES YES YES. As soon as I saw Blair’s website, I knew that she would be writing content for my website. This was a brand new venture for me, and she made the process so very easy. She held my hand and walked me through it. I love the final product. I actually love it more every time I look at my website. Thank you, Blair, for your genius.” — Tina Discepola, Functional MD, tinadiscepolamd.com


“Blair is what I’d call a conscious creative. She infuses all of her work with heart and intention, which is such a gift in the fast-paced world we live in today. Having worked with her in a number of capacities over the years, I’ve seen it first hand. Most recently, she was the photographer for a photoshoot + interview I did, and it was an absolute joy to work with her. I highly recommend her as a creative running buddy, especially if you’re in the wellness space.” —Sarah Anne Stewart, Founder of Holistically Slim, sarahannestewart.com


Nitika-ChopraI feel like I won the lottery when I met and hired Blair. She has incredible integrity (which is uber important to me), a kind heart, and is tremendously hard working; she always makes me feel like we can figure anything out together. I started working with Blair on one project that was close to my heart and before that was even complete, I literally couldn’t wait to hire her for all of my editorial and copywriting needs moving forward.  She really captured my voice so clearly, I can’t recommend Blair enough!” —Nitika Chopra, Talk Show Host + Self-Love Guru, nitikachopra.com


“Blair is beyond talented. If you’ve been thinking about hiring Blair, do it now! I’d been following Blair’s work and knew I’d want to work with her when the time was right — and when I did, I felt my business accelerating ASAP. Blair interviewed me for an entire three hours and really got to know my story, my business, and my clients. She was able to wrap up everything into 8 beautifully written pages that really spoke to my clients and community. I cried when she read me the copy! I couldn’t have done it myself in a million years. I feel so much more confident showing off my website now and feel like it finally truly represents the work I’ve been doing in the world. And bonus! Within the first week with my new website, I brought on two new clients who paid my premium pricing. The consultation calls were a breeze. They had both checked out my new website copy and cited so many points of it during our consultation calls. I felt like they already knew me, knew what I was able to offer for them and it made “the sale” so much easier. THANK YOU, BLAIR! My investment in you paid itself off in Week One!” — Michelle Cady, Author & Health Coach, fitvista.com


“Blair is the secret weapon that every brand needs! Her talent for the written word is as great as the care that she gives to get to know your brand inside out. The result is world-class copy that’s so unique and true to your brand, it couldn’t be better in your wildest dreams! I’ve never worked with anyone who so consistently hits and exceeds the expectations of briefs. Aside from being next-level impressive, Blair is a total joy to work with and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.” —Charlie Thompson, Co-Founder of The Clean Collective, thecleancollective.com



“Working with Blair helped me go from bored by my brand to deeply connected and inspired. My business had been floundering because I was spending more time doing what I thought I ‘should’ be doing (a.k.a. what everyone else on the internet seemed to be doing) than what I actually wanted to do. During my brand clarity session with Blair, she guided me to fully own my personal story and empowered me to see the value in sharing it. As a result of working with Blair and using the Creative Brief she prepared, I relaunched my website and services and developed a new series of signature workshops. Blair helped me get out of my own way (and mute all of the comparison noise) so that I could connect to my unique value, my ideal client, and how I could best show up and be of service. She was able to tap into all of the different parts of me and weave them together to create a brand for my business that is truly me and, as a result, I reconnected to my passion for this work. Working together has been one of the best things I’ve done for my business!” —Stephanie Kirylych, Emotional Wellness Coach & Founder of Spirited Well-being, spiritedwellbeing.com


“I needed someone who understood my specific and somewhat unconventional branding needs. I chose Blair because she just gets all of it. Her service is an extension of herself: Blair provided warm, open-minded professionalism and finely-honed listening skills, as well as expertly crafted tools to help me get the clarity and focus I needed. Our conversations produced instant results for my confidence which led to clients signing up for my top-tier coaching program days after our work together!” — Dillan DiGiovanni, Coach & Speaker, dillan-digiovanni.com



Blair is amazing! I have been a fan of Blair’s photography, and knew immediately that when my business’s website needed updating that I was going to hire her. Once we began talking about the photos and site I knew she was also perfect to help me with the copy content as well. Blair really listens to you, which makes her storytelling so personable and informative. My physical therapy practice expanded with a new system and Blair was able to put it into words even better than me, and I created the concept!!  Blair is professional, committed, and gets the job done.  It really was a great experience working together.” —Stephanie Leaf, Owner of New Leaf Physical Therapy, newleafpt.com


www.continuumphotography.com“Hiring Blair was one of the best decisions I made when it came to relaunching my website. I struggled for a long time with trying to find the right words for my bio and my services and Blair nailed it. We hopped on a call, I trusted her process and flat out loved the results. Since launching my website, leads were coming in left and right and next thing I know, I had to hire a contractor to help with new clients! Her words are powerful and her work ethic is head and shoulders above what I’ve experienced in the past. She’s a super star!” —Stephanie Liu, Award Winning Social Media Expert, heystephanie.com



“Blair was really wonderful to work with. Throughout the whole process she was accessible, timely and dialed-in. She nailed our brand immediately and wrote excellent copy. I’m very grateful to have connected with her, and I look forward to working with her again.” —Steven J. Levy, Emmy Award-Winning Producer & Founder of Habana, habanaavenue.com




Grenga-424“Where has Blair been all my life! After making the decision to find a copywriter for my website, I luckily discovered Blair! Her ability to take “your” story and bring it to life was truly exciting for me. She did an amazing job from start to finish, her background was a perfect fit for me, and she dug deep to bring out more than I could ever have done on my own. Her words elegantly flow and I couldn’t be happier how the copy turned out. I cannot recommend her enough and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.” —Christina Grenga, Founder, Grenga Health, grengahealth.com


View More: http://bethanymichaelaphoto.pass.us/jamie-mendellBlair helped me with sales copy for my new program and honestly blew me away. It was so refreshing to feel like someone actually cared about my business, my mission and what my target audience desired and needed. She asked several thoughtful questions to hone in on exactly what I was trying to get across and then came up with the perfect copy. I felt so proud to present my sales page to the world because the copy was so beautiful, powerful and inspiring. Hiring her felt like an extension of myself instead of an outside party writing for me. Blair is definitely someone I want by my side.” —Jamie Mendell, Intuitive Self-Improvement Coach, jamiemendell.com


“A sweet, smart, and healthy Marketing-guru! Blair helped strategize and edit the content for my Be Well Guide. She’s an expert at creating marketing content, has a great eye for detail and a vast creative mind. Someone you’ll want to have a brainstorm with ASAP!”  —Arielle Haspel, Be Well with Arielle, bewellwitharielle.com



AAEAAQAAAAAAAAL0AAAAJDQ0OGFjMTk5LTcyYzEtNDgzMC05MzU0LTdkYWI1MWMyY2ZjYQ“Working with Blair was not only a pleasure but the perfect fit. Her background in marketing and wellness allowed her to dig deep into the heart of my business and communicate with grace and ease what I wanted my audience to understand. Her open heart and friendly demeanor made it so easy for our conversation to flow and for me to work through exactly what it was I was I wanted to say. Needless to say, I loved the end result!” —Arielle Zadok, ariellezadok.com



“Blair is a heaven-sent copywriter. In fact, I trust her to write top-notch stuff for all my major clients. Not only does she listen with intent, write with eloquence, and deliver on time and in an organized way, but she’s just so freakin’ positive and awesome to work with! I wish I could tell you not to work with her so I never have to compete for her time, but honestly, she is a dream and I can’t recommend her enough!” —Danielle Mehta, CEO & Creative Director


Version 2“I never imagined I’d be so in love with and proud of my website and my biz/vision. It feels like me and it’s all because of Blair. The copy speaks so clearly what I’m about and the photos are amazing…the final touch that it needed to be fully me. I realized through the process of working with her that the only way to be successful and attract others into my world of hue 13 is to be 100 percent myself, quirks and all.  All the attitude, passion, style and boldness I was holding back and hiding had to be freed and shared with the world.  My photo session unlocked that missing link for me!  Since then, I’ve felt this freedom of expression every day in every part of my life.” — Lara Degenhardt, Haven Stylist, hue13.com

_MG_3445“Working with Blair has been one of the wisest decisions we’ve made for our company’s message and direction. She has the ability to hone in and really get to the heart of exactly what you are hoping to get across to your audience. She’s professional, fun, patient, and effective. I highly recommend Blair to help you get your company’s message clarified and take your business to the next level. Thank you, Blair.” —Michael DeSanti, Co-founder of The Vital Guide, thevitalguide.com


_MG_3554“Working with Blair has been a fantastic experience! She was able to take our concept/ideas and turn them into a working reality. When we needed some headshots for our site she stepped up took some great photos, and her rec’s for stock images were on the money. She’s a multi-talented branding/marketing maven. As far as I’m concerned Blair is on staff at The Vital Guide!” —Pablo Garcia, Co-founder of The Vital Guide, thevitalguide.com