episode 250: your 2024 business planning formula & my biggest lessons from 2023


Here we are – nearing the end of another year! As a business owner, you may be shifting your focus to planning for 2024.

This episode is designed to help you do just that – specifically in planning out the first quarter of the New Year.

Inside, I share my signature quarterly planning formula so that you can create aligned intentions, goals, and tasks to move yourself forward.

I also share my 2023 reflections on:

  • How I grew as a human this year
  • My biggest lessons in life and business
  • Where I stepped out of my comfort zone most
  • What I’m most proud of

I hope this formula and my transparency about my own business helps you feel seen, supported, and less alone on the journey.

Because – truth is, we are always figuring it out as we go.

Happy Holidays!


P.S. Be sure to check out episode 218 if you haven’t completed the Sacred Reflection Ritual I share with you. It’s a must-do before you shift into 2023 planning mode.

P.P.S. Your Wellness Brand is open for enrollment! The next cohort starts on January 15th and there are 9 spots left. Click here to learn more.

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