episode 259: why a lack of self-trust and idea ADD is often at the root of failure


Today’s topic was inspired by a recent conversation with a client who has spent a decade trying to get her health coaching business off the ground. But, as she shared with me, has had very little success.

Just like so many people who start businesses, she knows she’s meant to help people – she yearns to change lives, but can’t figure out why it’s been such a struggle.

As I chatted with her to help identify what’s been in the way of her building momentum, making money, and having an impact…

I discovered two core things that have been holding her back without her knowing it.

  1. Giving up on her ideas and creations too soon.
  2. Looking for the perfect formula or framework.

Inside the episode, I share how these have played a big role in blocking momentum, clients, and money from flowing easily in her direction.

I also share how I started my business mentorship program, Your Wellness Brand, in 2017, and how I could have perceived it as a failure – but instead stayed the course and earned multiple 6-figures from that revenue stream alone.

If you’re someone who is feeling like you’ve failed recently, I see you and it’s my hope that this episode lifts your spirits and inspires you to keep going; to see things all the way through; and to always, trust your instincts.

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