episode 241: using your head & heart to choose your niche


In this episode, I dive into one of my FAVORITE topics – thanks to a dear listener. And that is CHOOSING A NICHE.

First, I’ll be defining what niche actually means because it’s so important to ground ourselves in why choosing one matters.

And then I’ll be answering this week’s question all about how to choose a niche when you feel drawn to multiple – and how to tell if that choice will be profitable.

So, if you’ve ever struggled with this very vital piece of the business puzzle, this episode is a must listen.

This is a favorite topic of mine because I believe – and have seen how – powerful choosing a niche is.

Yet, SO MANY PEOPLE are scared to choose a niche, to exclude people, and to make the wrong choice.

Maybe you’ve felt this way too?

Be sure to listen for 3 key tips to help you choose a niche that feels deeply aligned with you right now – and why it’s also so important to bring both masculine action and feminine flow into these business decisions.

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