episode 253: showing up consistently vs. disappearing from social media: the real impact


In today’s episode, I talk about the ebb and flow of leveraging social media.

Meaning – the periods where you show up consistently and create a lot of visibility and relevancy for yourself…

And then the periods where you pull back, do less, and aren’t prioritizing your visibility as much.

What does it all mean? What’s the impact? And why do we judge ourselves so much when we’re not following the perfect content creation plan every single month?

As someone who has most definitely been on top of my game – on fire creating content – and then, basically disappeared for months on end…

I’ve seen the impact of this on my business firsthand.

So, today – I’m going to share about what happens in those contrasting scenarios and what you can do to “get back on the horse” so-to-speak.

Inside, I offer three powerful tips that will help you enjoy the process of creating content again – and remind you why social media is a vital piece of the business puzzle.

I hope it also gives you permission to regularly pull back and take breaks – because we all need it!

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