episode 121: shifting from high powered career to energy worker with Valerie Oula

Valerie Oula is the founder of Modern Ritual NYC, a holistic lifestyle offering for mind, body and soul. As a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master Teacher, she shares her passion for vibrational medicine through healing sessions, classes, workshops, events and trainings.

She is the author of “A Little Bit of Reiki” from Sterling Publishing and the director of vibrational energy healing at The Well in NYC. Valerie creates an energetic haven for students and clients to unwind, process, and heal through integrative energy work.

Having been blessed with the spiritual name, Saranjeet (Saran means sanctuary. Jeet means victory.), she strives to create a sacred space for all to overcome obstacles and walk the path of victory.

In the episode, she shares:

  • What it was like to shift from a long-time career in fashion, booking models, and leading photoshoots in her late 30’s to finding her true calling in energy work and more
  • How she found her way to Kundalini yoga, why her life shifted in a massive way because of it, and why she unexpectedly felt called to become a teacher
  • How she moved through her own self-judgment and limiting beliefs as she left behind a highly coveted, money-making career for something much less predictable
  • Her journey reinventing herself—from being a black-outfit wearing partier who did drugs—to a being someone led by spirituality, inner wisdom, and wearing white
  • Why she says her success is dependent on the inner work of constantly getting out of her own way, so that she is a clear channel to receive the right clients and opportunities
  • And so much more!


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