episode 252: scaling a dynamic yoga platform for kids with Lauren Chaitoff

Lauren Chaitoff is the founder and chief visionary officer of Yogi Beans and a certified yoga and Pilates instructor. She created Yogi Beans in 2007, together with her husband Brian, which started as a novel yoga curriculum for children that offered classes to the public at various schools, yoga studios and other venues throughout New York City.

After becoming parents in 2013, Lauren and Brian became more strongly dedicated to supporting children and their well-being. Their mission has always been to help children everywhere grow healthier and happier for life.

Yogi Beans is a renowned children’s yoga and wellness organization that offers kids’ yoga classes, programs in and after school, teacher trainings and professional development courses that educate children and their caretakers on holistic health and well-being.

As you’ll hear, Lauren has this incredibly uplifting energy – and the work that’s she’s doing with Yogi Beans is not only brilliant but SO NEEDED in the world for our littles.

Inside, we chat about:

  • Her multi-faceted career as an actress, Pilates instructor, and yoga teacher – and the negative feedback that inspired her to go all in on her business idea and specialize in teaching yoga to kids
  • How the thick skin developed from her acting career and innate go-getter spirit served her well when she started Yogi Beans – and all the ways she transferred those skills into her marketing efforts
  • The grassroots approach she took to developing relationships with schools, yoga studios, and spas – and how she built real traction there first
  • How she’s used social media to build brand awareness and the impact that’s had on the growth of Yogi Beans
  • The journey to scaling her business, working with other teachers, and partners – and the many iterations it’s taken
  • And so much more!


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