episode 75: owning your weird to build a cult following with Sky Ting co-founders Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan

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Why they’re amazing:

Krissy and Chloe are the co-founders of Sky Ting, an uber popular collective of yoga studios in New York City.

What started as the simple desire to create a space that’s inclusive, light, fun, and beautiful—has grown into three bustling wellness oasis’s that act as a second home to its members.

Unlike a variety of other yoga destinations, Sky Ting classes aren’t focused on fitness, getting skinny, or trends. But instead rooted in improving the functionality of the body and giving people the tools to enhance their lives off the mat.

Their distinct brand aesthetic, unique philosophy, and focus on creating a welcoming environment for their beloved community has won them tons of praise and recognition from publications like Vogue, The New York Times, Forbes, and Yoga Journal amongst others.

As someone who has practiced at their studios, I can tell you that there is something incredibly uplifting about being at Sky Ting. They’ve done such an amazing job at giving people access to great yoga, while also creating a space you honestly wouldn’t mind living in.

It was so fun to chat with both Krissy and Chloe about their 4+ year journey in building their yoga empire, and to hear how they did it. Because running a brick and mortar business in New York City is no easy feat.

In our conversation, they share:

  • Why a conversation in the ocean on a retreat in Nicaragua ultimately inspired them to go into business together
  • What it was like to open up their first location in Chinatown and why their focus on creating community was so key to gaining a cult following
  • How they use the principles of yoga to guide their decisions in business and the role using body wisdom has played in their success
  • What it’s been like to completely bootstrap the operations of 3 studio locations in a major city and never need investors
  • The glue that’s kept them together as partners in business and how their personalities and style balance each other out
  • The various revenue streams that keep Sky Ting humming along and the new digital option they’re launching this summer
  • And so much more!


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