episode 197: live coaching session – navigating the transition from nurse to life coach with Vanessa Sciamarella

Brand Yourself Blair Badenhop


Welcome back to the show!

I’m very excited to introduce you to a new type of conversation. One between me – and an entrepreneur who is feeling challenged by something in her business.

I’ve been doing Biz Wisdom solo episodes for almost two years now. But a few months ago, I thought — Wouldn’t it be fun to have a listener get their question answered LIVE – and for me to essential coach them for 30 minutes?

So, I did it. This first live mentorship session is with Vanessa Sciamarella. As you’ll hear, she’s been a nurse for many years, but more recently felt really called to step into life coaching.

So, today, she shares her biggest challenges with us, as she starts her business – and I offer my advice in 30 minutes.

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