episode 217: leading with fearless authenticity with Africa Brooke

Africa Brooke is a globally recognized consultant, mentor, speaker, and writer who specializes in helping people in and out of the public eye move through self-censorship, and other forms of self-sabotage.

Her work takes a close look at the complexity, mess, and glory that is the human experience, and she makes a strong case for why we need to accept discomfort as an essential part of the growth process.

Oh my goodness, I could not be more excited to have this incredible woman on the show. I came across Africa and her work back in 2020 – and was instantly drawn to her message and position on authentic self-expression.

Her posts on Instagram have resonated with me deeply ever since, and having her on the show is a dream of mine.

If you don’t already follow her work, do it immediately – her IG handle is @africabrooke.

She is such a powerful, kind, brilliant leader, and I can’t wait for you to sink into our conversation today.

We chat about:

  • How her sobriety journey awakened her to a passion for researching and understanding self-sabotage, and ultimately led her to become a mentor and coach who specializes in freeing people from it
  • What it looked like for her to start taking on clients in the very beginning and how her company steadily grew into what she does full time
  • Why 2020 was the year she both solidified her message and strengthened her voice – all of which helped her business explode with growth
  • How she became so anchored in herself and her truth and why it has given her a deep confidence to speak about big political and social topics
  • Her biggest recommendations for how to avoid self-censorship and self-sabotage in your own business – and how doing so ultimately empowers you to make your unique mark
  • The structure and spaciousness she has created in her life to avoid burnout and allow play, relationships, and health be the top priority
  • And so much more!


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