episode 244: juggling client delivery, a podcast, and more with limited childcare


In today’s episode, I share what I’ve done recently to keep my business afloat with limited childcare – because, wow, it’s been quite the adventure!

If you’re a parent or plan to be one day – my hope is that this peek inside my life recently will help you move through your own!

Inside, I share:

  • What’s been happening over here the past month or so and why childcare was suddenly very limited
  • How I cobbled together support so that I could still show up for my clients
  • The ways I got creative in order to keep publishing podcast episodes and emailing my list weekly
  • And more!

Whether you’re solo parenting, moving through a health challenge, or any other curveballs in life, this should help you see ways to simplify your work so that you can tend to other important areas of your life.

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