episode 02: how to grow your business organically with Jennifer Racioppi

Jennifer Racioppi

Why Jennifer is a rockstar:

Jennifer Racioppi is a holistic health counselor, a behavioral specialist, a Duke certified health coach, and a registered yoga teacher who blends together her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women’s health to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs.

In this episode, you’ll discover what happened when she jumped into creating a business before she was ready, how she grew her client base and online following organically, why she highly recommends taking beta clients before launching your coaching programs, how she was able to blend together her passion for coaching and astrology to create a unique brand, the incredible work she has done on herself to heal and take her business to a higher level, the biggest mistake she thinks people make with their personal brands, why resilience is an essential ingredient to success in both life and business, why it’s essential to learn to manage your energy, how we can leverage astrology and the moon cycle to support our business growth, why you should treat everyone you meet like a VIP, and so much more.

A few things mentioned in this episode:

  • How battling cancer in her teens changed Jennifer’s outlook on life
  • The story of how, and when, Jennifer realized she wanted to start her own business
  • Why Jennifer feels prioritizing her resources, in the beginning, was the smartest thing she’s done for her business
  • The reason Jennifer believes her beta clients where her goldmine
  • Why learning how to use your intuition is key to seizing new opportunities
  • Why your business can’t be your life
  • The importance of being resilient in your business and Jennifer’s tips for how to become more resilient
  • How Jennifer uses Astrology in her business and how you can as well
  • Jennifer’s advice for how new entrepreneurs can put their business out there and grow their following
  • How Jennifer has fused who she is with her brand


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