episode 151: how to drop the corporate mindset when you transition into entrepreneurship

Brand Yourself Podcast Blair Badenhop

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In so many cases, people who step into entrepreneurship are leaving behind a traditional career. A coveted editorial position in fashion. A director title. An impressive track record. AND a world puts a lot of value in accolades, credentials, and resumes.

Needless to say, shifting out of this very structured environment can be disorienting when you start a business. Especially when you carry that inner pressure to “prove yourself,” get more experience, or invest in more education in order to be taken seriously.

But do you really need to worry about that in the beginning?

This week on the podcast I dive into this topic and give you my honest opinion, especially as it relates to this week’s question from a dear listener:

How do you speak to your experience when your resume speaks of a different journey? How can you legitimize your credentials as someone who really cares to be there and be honest with others?

I am coming from a corporate past, with everyone telling me to go back into finance, but I know there is gold in my new path.

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