episode 162: how to build momentum by being yourself with Abbi Miller

Abbi Miller is an Austin-based “yoga-teacher-turned-productivity-preacher” who’s here to help you run your biz on purpose. After over a decade as a wellpreneur, running her holistic nutrition & yoga brand, Abbi founded Biz Babes Unite!™: a community offering impactful ceremonies & mastermind circles so womxn can approach work from a sacred place, dodge burnout & get the good shit done.

As a Holistic Biz Strategist, Mentor and Speaker, her career has led her all over the globe from Greece to Morocco to Norway, sparking the minds and elevating the work of creatives from Cameron Diaz to Shape Magazine and Create & Cultivate.

She believes your wellness habits propel your biz-mojo and learning how to self-boss is a big part of feeling like a biz kween vs. just playing one on Instagram.

We chat about:

  • Her journey to becoming a Broadway star, why she quickly became disenchanted by it, and the serendipitous events that helped her break her contract while on tour in southeast Asia
  • How she transitioned out of her acting career and gradually fell in love with yoga and wellness, and how she was intuitively led to entrepreneurship
  • How she organically built a retreat-based business, taught yoga, and integrated health coaching into one platform
  • Why falling in love and moving to London was the catalyst to her decision to become a holistic business coach, and this was again a very intuitive decision and not based on a strategy
  • Why she says living in your truth is so attractive, and why she attributes that practice to all of her success and the natural evolution of her work
  • How collaboration and doing what’s fun and juicy have been her biggest forms of marketing since becoming an entrepreneur
  • And so much more!


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