episode 161: how to brand yourself authentically

Biz Wisdom Solocast

This week’s topic was inspired by a conversation I had with someone recently.

And that is… how to create an online presence that is a natural extension of who you really are.

Where your website, your social media posts, and everything in between feels the same as meeting you in person.

As I was chatting with this newbie business creator, she expressed concern that she didn’t know how to do this without being influenced by what other people are doing in the wellness space.

This is SUCH a common challenge, and I’m addressing that piece and all of the above head on in the episode.

Also, I have exciting news!!

My second business baby, pstprtm.com, launched recently. This is a media company and community platform that I co-founded with two other women to revolutionize the postpartum experience.

If you’ve been listening to the podcast since early Spring, you knew this was coming. And if you’re new here, then definitely listen to episode 150 where the three of us chat about why we came together to create this.

If you’re curious, you can head over to pstprtm.com.

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