episode 188: building a diversified wellness business with Rachelle Robinett

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Rachelle Robinett is an Herbalist, Educator, life-long naturalist, and the founder of Supernatural, a New York-based company dedicated to modern herbalism education.

She combines holistic herbalism experience with today’s health science and an understanding of both individual behavior modification and wellness industry zeitgeists to create life-changing health for thousands of people every day.

Rachelle holds certificates in Complementary and Integrative Health, and Clinical Herbalism, and has spent thousands of hours teaching, speaking, publishing, and in private practice with clients.

In addition to directing the operations of Supernatural, she writes, consults, and offers professional consulting for companies in the wellness and food industries.

Rachelle is so awesome – and has so much wisdom about running a successful business. And I can’t wait for you to listen in on our conversation today.

We chat about:

  • Her previous career in fashion – where she produced photo shoots and huge shows, and worked with some of the top people in the industry
  • Why she was an early adopter of wellness practices – eating raw food, experimenting with herbalism, and going to Peru for ayahuasca ceremonies
  • What it looked like for her to transition professionally from fashion to wellness as a consultant and then later as an herbalist
  • Why being what she calls a “YES MACHINE” – saying yes to every single opportunity at the start of her wellness business – was the key to her growth
  • The structure of her business now and she is all about diversified revenue streams – from having a store, to creating products, to workshops + courses
  • How being an introvert has been a really powerful asset in the growth and expansion of her platforms
  • And so much more!


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