episode 224: 5 essentials to building a community offline


In today’s episode, I jump back into my Biz Wisdom series where I offer you a slice of insight as it relates to pursuing your purpose and mindfully growing a business.

And today’s topic is all about building community IN REAL LIFE.

There are a few reasons I wanted to address this:

  1. I’m seeing more and more people reduce their social media usage for business – and experience growth without it.
  2. So many of us are tired of these platforms and crave the nourishment and joy only in-person connections offer.
  3. When you’ve got a solid presence in your local community, you can really anchor yourself as the go-to for what you specialize in.

So, I’ll be sharing 5 practical tips for how to go about doing this even if you’re more introverted like me.

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