quick tip: the cheap way to refresh your website design.

There’s no way around the fact that you’ll have to invest in the redesign of your website multiple times over the course of your business’ evolution. Partly because the model or focus of you business may change, and partly because you’ll just crave a whole new look, feel, and vibe. You’ll want new photos to showcase who you are today.... Read More

gift your clients right this holiday season.

When it comes to branding your business, the internal experience should be just as thoughtfully created as the external one. This means that the amount of love and energy you put into your client and customer relationships—once they’ve signed on the dotted the line or hit the buy button—has to equal, if not be more than, what you put into... Read More

how to craft your unique story.

If there’s one thing that requires some major thought and consideration in the process of branding yourself and your business, it’s your story. Who are you? How did you land in the wellness world? What led you to this work? Why do you feel called to help others? And so on. When I start working with a client, this is... Read More

quick tip: how to flip those feelings of self-doubt.

I can’t do this. I don’t know enough. I’m too inexperienced. I’m not ready. It’s amazing how quickly one little doubt can knock us off the happy track of optimism and excitement almost immediately. Whether we’re about to go on stage to speak in front of a large audience, end a long-term relationship, or dive into a brand new project... Read More

why “hustling” doesn’t guarantee success.

Being the kind of person that hustles towards their goals and hits them is seen as a pretty impressive character trait. At least in my world, most people see it as the ultimate form of hard work to rise to the top—whether that’s in a traditional career or in building a business. And what that usually looks like is: 12+... Read More

9 things every lady boss needs for fall.

Think of a moment recently where you felt really confident and beautiful in your skin. Perhaps you were out on a date wearing your favorite lipstick or standing on a stage giving a speech or even strolling around your hood in the sunshine. Hold that moment in your mind right now. My guess is that you weren’t wearing a baggy... Read More

11 character traits of successful entrepreneurs.

Here’s the truth. While all of us are born with innate gifts and usually spend our lives discovering how to use them, not every single person on the planet is meant to leverage those unique qualities and talents to launch and run their own business. And that makes total sense, right? There are people who are naturally inclined to lead,... Read More

3 tips to balance “realness” with “professionalism” on Instagram

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been keeping a close eye on how influencers with large followings have been balancing “business” with “real life” moments on their Instagram feeds and stories. Some of them share detailed snapshots of their everyday life, while others barely give you a hint about what they’re up to behind the scenes. Some use their... Read More

how to be original, not a copycat.

It started as a normal Tuesday. I had just made my usual breakfast smoothie of macadamia nut milk, plant protein powder, blueberries, almond butter, and cinnamon. I sat down at my desk, sipping out of my stainless steel straw, and popped on Facebook to post something on my business page. As I scrolled through my feed—bad move, Blair—I got inevitably... Read More

does your brand evoke a feeling? here’s why it should.

I had a conversation with a potential client recently. We were talking about my process as a brand strategist and copywriter, and I found myself saying something I’d never ever said before to describe my work. It actually took me by surprise as it came out of my mouth. I help wellness entrepreneurs define the soul of their brands. So... Read More