9 things every lady boss needs for fall.

Think of a moment recently where you felt really confident and beautiful in your skin.

Perhaps you were out on a date wearing your favorite lipstick or standing on a stage giving a speech or even strolling around your hood in the sunshine. Hold that moment in your mind right now.

My guess is that you weren’t wearing a baggy pair of sweatpants with your hair unwashed and your armpits unshaven. You were most likely polished and put together—your way—wearing something that made you feel grounded and in your power.

Clothing, makeup, blowouts, even a dap of essential oils etc. tend to have that effect on us ladies because as we express our true selves and our style and make the effort to look good, we feel good.

Which is why as entrepreneurs it’s just as key to make the effort on a daily basis as well. Truth is, when you work for yourself fulltime, you don’t always have a reason to get dressed up during the day. And if you’re like me, there are many times where you just throw on a pair of leggings and a sweater, and call it a day.

But the moments where you carefully choose your outfit, put on a bold lip, do your hair, and grab all of your favorite functional gear—magic happens, ideas can arrive, and you feel as though you’ve stepped into a higher, happier vibe.

Since fall is here and we’re all in that back-to-school/gear upgrade mindset, I wanted to curate a few items I find to make a world of difference as an entrepreneur as I bop around the city or work from home.

All of these items are stylish, functional, and timeless, so I consider them great investments that you’ll be grabbing for forever (or as long as they last :)).

  1. The Backpack. Carrying a laptop around in a tote gets tres uncomfortable after a while and negatively impacts your shoulders and neck. A backpack is a perfect solution for this and there are so many stylish options out there. I have a one from Baggu, which I love, but I’ve also had my eye on a few from Kapten & Son.
  2. The Blanket Scarf. With the weather cooling and the unpredictability of co-working space and café temperatures, this is a must to stay warm. Thankfully, there are a million options to choose from with plaid being my favorite.
  3. The Glass Water Bottle. Hydration is #1 in my book and I prefer to sip my water from a glass container since plastic bottles are made with harmful BPA chemicals. This bottle by Soma is a goodie that I fill up before I leave home and then refill at the various spaces I visit throughout the day. The outer silicon keeps it safe from breakage.
  4. The Headphones. As a writer, having easy access to music while I work is super important. So it should come as no surprise that I’m picky about my headphones. This pair by The House of Marley is not only super cute, but they’re also noise-canceling so I’m less likely to get distracted by everyday noises that are commonplace in NYC.
  5. The Jeans. If I’m not living in leggings, I’m living in jeans. So having a go-to couple of pairs that fit well and make me feel put together is a must. I’m a subscribed Madewell girl and have a few pairs of their jeans on rotation. Most recently, I bought a pair of their high-waisted, bootcut cropped denim. On point!
  6. The Face Spray. Every girl needs a little something to freshen her skin and wake her up a bit, which is why I highly recommend carrying a bottle of rose face spray in your backpack every single day. This one by Tata Harper is tops, but you can find less pricey brands like Herbivore and by John Masters Organics too.
  7. The Cashmere Sweater. If I could wear a uniform every day, it would be skinny jeans, booties, and a cashmere sweater. Simple, stylish, and most of all cozy. While cashmere has been historically pricey, it’s recently become way more accessible thanks to Everlane. They have every kind of cashmere sweater under the sun and they’re all $100 each.
  8. The Velvet Bootie. Fave. Fall. Trend. Velvet made a comeback last fall, and I am loving all of the ways we can wear it this season especially. But if there’s one velvet item to buy right now it’s footwear: a velvet bootie or mule. It brings such a nice richness and touch of fanciness to an otherwise casual look.
  9. The Lipstick. For the past 6 years, I’ve been wearing Lady Danger by Mac, an orangey red lipstick that adds a pop of color and personality to every outfit, and makes me feel like a badass. Red lipstick is such a confidence booster in my opinion so be sure to find a shade that works for you!

Adorning yourself with items that not only empower you to feel your best but to also do your best—hello, self-care!—are what will also play a part in boosting your productivity and creativity too.

Now I’d love to hear from you. Which items and organizational must-haves make your day? Please share them in the comments below.

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