how to be yourself in a photo shoot.

Recently, I spent the afternoon in Jersey City shooting the lovely Jamie Forward. Before the big day, we met for an hour and talked through the vision and vibe she was looking for in a fresh set of photos. As a health coach who also has a background in dance and fitness, she really wanted an “aliveness” and her vibrant... Read More

how to forget about “the competition.”

Recently, I found myself pulled into the wormhole of comparison. Because I did something I don’t usually do: perused the websites of other copywriters. It’s not that I intentionally don’t look at my “competition.” It’s that I usually don’t remember that there are other people out there doing what I do. Does that sound self-centered? The truth is, I’m kind... Read More

quick tip: how to create a sexy opt-in offer.

If there’s one mistake I see newbie entrepreneurs making, it’s this: launching their websites with weak opt-in offers. Most of them say something like… Sign up for weekly inspiration! Never miss a blog post! Subscribe to my newsletter! Join my tribe! And while they are all well-intentioned, simple, and sweet, they are missing something really important: a clear value for... Read More

3 ways to make blogging a habit.

Confession. Up until 6 months ago, I had pretty much abandoned my blog. Eeek, right? As a copywriter by profession, it might not surprise you that sometimes I just don’t have any more writing juju left to give. And while over the past 3 years, I made a small effort to publish something good for my tribe, I more often... Read More

there’s one thing i miss about working in corporate.

This might come as a surprise, but there are days where I miss working for a company. It’s not necessarily the stability or the consistent paycheck or even the built-in health insurance. It’s not about being in an office space or being a boss or getting special perks like free lunch or massages. It’s about the people. The one thing... Read More

the #1 way to stand out in the wellness industry.

This past week I surveyed my Instagram fam and asked which topics they’d like me to write more about on my blog. Copywriting tips Brand development tips Self-care in business tips Brand photography tips While I plan to write about all of the above, the most requested had to do with brand identity, specifically how to create a brand that... Read More

how to grow your loyal tribe.

If there’s one thing I figured out pretty quickly while working in a corporate environment, it’s that aggressive marketing tactics are not for me. Using fear-based thinking, forceful words, or an overpromise to convince someone to buy something is probably one of the ickiest ways to do business. However, there is an approach that I’ve happily gotten behind over the... Read More

3 essentials for writing the perfect tagline.

When it comes to creating a website, most of us immediately think, “web design!!” Yet, it’s the content of your website—more specifically the copy—that will determine whether or not you start building a community and converting potential clients. Sure, a beautiful website with pretty photos, colors, and the perfect font is what will initially peak someone’s interest. But it’s the... Read More

the unglamorous workday.

When we peek into the lives of entrepreneurs on Instagram, we usually see gorgeous office spaces, cool events they’ve been invited to, envy-inducing meetings they’re having with super cool people, and the freedom they have to just do whatever the eff they want all day long. #workfromwherever From our perspective, they’re living the dream. And in many instances, their lives... Read More

quick tip: how to name your business.

If there’s one question I get asked by my clients all of the time, it’s what should I name my business? And my answer usually is, it depends. While there are lots of people out there who keep it simple and use their names, there are also quite a few who have come up with something cute and memorable. Think:... Read More