Kara with more clients + more confidence, thanks to Your Wellness Brand

You know what I love? Success stories.

They’re inspiring and motivating… and in this case in particular, fulfilling.

A few weeks ago, I sat down with one of my Your Wellness Brand students from 2017 and asked her loads of questions about her experience with the course.

A little context before you dive into her answers…

Her name is Kara Ferreira. She’s a women’s health expert & fertility coach. And Before enrolling in Your Wellness Brand, she had been running her business part-time for about year.


What were you struggling with before enrolling in the course?

I struggled to find the people that needed me. The figuring out where these people were that I needed to reach and how I could help them–that was difficult. I was getting the teeniest trickle of clients when I was disciplined enough to write a guest post on Mind Body Green. But then it would be crickets until I guest-posted again. There was really no consistency to clients finding me…

…part of it was that I was also saying I could help with anything. I lacked clarity and confidence in being able to say, “I’m Kara Ferreira and this is what I do. I work with women who are trying to transition off the birth control pill,” which is a lot easier for me now that I’ve gone through Your Wellness Brand and incorporated that into my entire business approach. 

But it was a struggle before. I was like, “Maybe I need some help with messaging and copy, and that’s when I jumped into your course.”

What were your hesitations about the course?

It was in terms of spending money on my business. I would have a good month here and then I wouldn’t have any new clients for a few months, so there was a hesitation of, “Is it really going to be that impactful?” So, I went back and forth. And then I got the LAST CHANCE email, and was like, “Ya know, I need some guidance. What I’m doing isn’t working.” So, it was just time to say yes. 

What did you love most about the course?

The accountability. Someone to walk me through these steps. It’s helpful to have someone reflect on your messaging and how it’s going to land on your potential clients. Whereas I might have rushed to write something and be like, “oh this sounds good,” without taking the extra step to fine tune it. 

You have a real gift for seeing things I couldn’t see, and having your input was really invaluable. The only reason I switched my website URL and had a brand new functional site within 2 months was because I was implementing every single thing every single week in the course. 

What about your business has changed since taking Your Wellness Brand?

Things are just so much more consistent and there’s a lot more lightness because everything is in alignment. I’m not sitting here trying to convince myself I can tackle a million different problems for somebody. It’s like, “This is what I do and here’s how you can work with me.” When I have my 15-minute free consult calls, they’re so much easier because I know my messaging, I know my story, I can just sit there and be confident in what I have to say. 

Before the course, it was terrible; I would have 5 exploratory calls in a month and close maybe one of them. And now if I have 5 of those exploratory calls, 4 of those people end up working with me. People are finding the website faster, there’s this steady flow of people are finding me, and my list has grown a lot. 

Was the course worth the investment?

Absolutely, it was totally worth it. Because when it comes down to what my packages are and my rates, within 3 clients that I get every month, that repays the course right there. Whereas before I’d get those 3 clients over 6 months. The client work makes up for the actual monetary value.

Beyond that the confidence and clarity. That’s just going to continue to be something I can build on beyond monetary gain, and take outside my business. It’s something that makes me feel confident in what I’m doing and that I’m serving my purpose and that I’m giving back.

Who would you recommend Your Wellness Brand to?

I definitely recommend it especially if you’re someone who feels stuck. If you like what you’re doing but you don’t feel like you’re getting any traction; you’re spinning your wheels. And definitely, someone who feel like you need to fine tune and hone your messaging and client avatar. 

Before the course, I thought I knew who my ideal client was but taking that extra step and going through the exercises makes it a lot clearer, and also helps you figure out where you might find those potential clients too. 

Listen to the full interview with Kara on my podcast, Brand Yourself, here.


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