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 Wellness Copywriter

As a wellness copywriter & brand strategist, I’ve helped over 1500 wellness coaches, best-selling authors, and million-dollar businesses clarify and elevate their voice & value online.

Wellness CopywriterAs a wellness entrepreneur, you likely have dreams of making the big bucks doing what you love.

You might imagine yourself speaking on stages, writing best-selling books, and changing hundreds if not thousands of lives with mindfulness practices, clean eating, and so much more.

And while you have all of this passion and drive pulsating inside you, you’re at a loss for how to bring your message and mission to life online.

  • You have a million ideas and can’t seem to synthesize them into a core business focus (and it’s really holding you back).

  • You mega struggle to put what you do into words that actually win the hearts of your potential clients (and your confidence is taking a hit).

  • You worry that the only way to stand out from the competition and make an impact is to be someone you’re not (and, well, you’re not into that).


Getting from where you are (“just starting out”) to where you want to be (“wellness expert on the rise”) feels like a complicated mystery of strategies and steps you can’t piece together.

You’re tired of gathering tips and tactics from podcasts, downloadable guides, and free webinars that you rarely implement or consistently use.

And you’re really ready to gain the clarity, focus, and messaging you haven’t been able to find being scrappy and running solo.

I know you want to stand out online and start attracting a steady stream of clients.

And here’s the secret: it starts with establishing the soul of your brand first. The personality, the voice, and the energy behind your website, your social media posts, and everything in between.

You have to know yourself, your vision, your solution, and most importantly your audience. Only then can you step into your own unique value and confidently claim your spot in the industry.

After clarity? COPY. Because it’s great copy that builds a connection between you and your audience. And it’s those relationships that result in more clients saying “yes” and signing on the dotted line.

As a wellness copywriter and brand strategist, my specialty is facilitating clarity about your business vision and how your unique personality, experiences, and education can be easily and beautifully infused into your brand identity.

And then getting into the nitty-gritty details of your target audience’s biggest desires, pain points, and barriers.

All of that goodness empowers me to write the copy for your website not only in your voice but in a way that will connect with the unique needs of your potential clients and inspire them to take action.

Clarity first.
Words second.
You on track to building a solid business.


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