episode 01: why your story is your brand with Nicole Jardim

Why Nicole is amazing:

Nicole Jardim is a certified women’s health coach and the creator of Fix Your Period; a series of programs that empower women to reclaim their hormone health using a method that combines simplicity and sass. She’s also the co-host of The Period Party podcast and the co-creator of the Institute for Integrated Nutrition’s hormone course.

In this episode, you’ll discover how she transitioned from the film industry to the wellness industry, why she decided to specialize in women’s health, how she grew her list, following, and reputation, how she feels about hiring a business coach, why she believes her story is an essential piece of her brand, why she recommends making your own marketing roles, the role collaboration has played in her business growth, why every female business owner needs to tune into her inner wisdom, why you should never make a business investment in something you can’t afford, why it’s essential to always know and reconnect with your why along the journey of running a business, and so much more.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why, and when, Nicole started her business
  • The tactics Nicole used in the beginning to market her business
  • How Nicole’s gut instincts have factored into her marketing decisions (and what happened when she didn’t listen to them)
  • The impactful strategies Nicole uses to sell her services and products
  • How Nicole brings her personal story into her branding and social media accounts
  • The elements of Nicole’s branding that help her out stand out in her niche
  • How Nicole overcomes the self-doubt all coaches and entrepreneurs face
  • The mistakes Nicole has made in her business along the way
  • Nicole’s most successful moments throughout her business
  • Nicole’s main piece of advice for new entrepreneurs to help them gain traction


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