episode 107: tuning in & taking the leap with Samara Zelniker

Samara Zelniker is the founder of Mindfulness Matters, a platform dedicated to empowering leaders to reach their infinite potential. She’s been featured as a leadership expert in Forbes, Business Insider, and Focus TV.

With over a decade of experience teaching yoga, meditation and mindfulness, she incorporates tools in Eastern ancient wisdom and modern Western science to help you individuals and businesses thrive.

Through a curated and personalized program, Samara works with her clients to highlight innate talents and nourish a practical application of core strengths.

As a result, clients are guided towards a deeper understanding of self, and a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. This is done through 1:1 coaching, management training, team off-sites and international retreats.

In the episode, she shares:

  • The sequence of unusual events that led Samara to fall in love with yoga, become a teacher, and start Mindfulness Matters
  • Her bold decision to shift from a career in fashion to a brand new one in wellness, and how she leaned on both her intuition and practicality
  • Why keeping her head down and staying in her own lane is what empowered her to get clear on her unique value and vs. getting caught in comparison and paralysis
  • Why she recommends not being shy about leveraging your own personal network to initiate the beginnings of your business—and what it looked like for her to do just that
  • The brilliant strategy that helped build her relationships with HR executives in order to land clients in the corporate world
  • The 3 core marketing techniques that she swears by and how they have played a key role in the growth of her platform
  • And so much more!


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