episode 233: trusting in divine timing with Whitney Aronoff

Whitney Aronoff is a personal chef, the founder of Starseed Kitchen and High Vibration Foods, and the host of the High Vibration Living podcast.

Her platform mixes the practical with the spiritual to help people nourish the 4 bodies – the physical, emotional, spiritual, and etheric.

She believes the healthiest meal you can eat is the one you make at home. So, her mission is to bring people back into their kitchen, feeling empowered to make healthy choices for themselves and their loved ones and experience high-vibration living.

Her career in food started when she attended culinary school at The Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City and went on to work at farm-to-table restaurants in New York and Newport Beach.

Inside, we chat about:

  • Why leaning more into her joy and prioritizing her health was the key to discovering her passion for food and clarifying that she wanted to be a chef
  • What it looked like for her to find a way to invest in culinary school and transition out of her career in HR
  • The mindset techniques that have helped her cultivate trust in herself and move through the overwhelm that came with starting a business
  • Her approach to marketing her business – from social media to word of mouth, and how landing her first few practice clients was key to building her reputation
  • The high-vibration food angle she’s chosen for her business – her spice blends are blessed by a shaman – and why she felt funny being open about it at first
  • The variety of revenue streams she has – and how they all integrate under one brand umbrella
  • And so much more!


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