episode 248: the role depth & details play in your success


Happy November and happy almost winter.

In this week’s episode, I share why this time of year is a powerful portal for stillness and self-reflection – and how to best use it.

I also offer you one of the most vital pieces of the business creation / evolution process which is:

Doing the deep discovery work

While it’s not “sexy”, clarifying the foundational elements of your business is what sets you up for growth, success, and momentum.

I share the 4 foundational elements – and offer you details on how to deepen your connection with them.

This is a peek inside what I teach in my business mentorship program, Your Wellness Brand.

Learn more about YWB here.

And if you want a taste of my process and this discovery work, join the free Brand Yourself Challenge, starting on Monday, November 27th.

5 days devoted to defining your most powerful branding asset: you.


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