episode 192: the power of learning as you go with Erica Huss & Zoe Sakoutis

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Erica Huss & Zoe Sakoutis are the Co-Founders of Earth & Star, a functional mushroom company that brings the immune supporting benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms into the daily routines of their consumers through ready-to-drink lattes, coffee, and chocolate.

As the founders of BluePrint Cleanse, this duo has a proven track record the wellness space, successfully scaling and taking it from infancy to sale in just five years, without any outside investment.

With Earth & Star, the two entrepreneurs conceptualized a way to make functional mushrooms as accessible and delicious as possible to the masses, emphasizing the benefits in supporting immunity, energy and focus when integrated into a daily routine.

We chat about:

  • How Erica and Zoe first met, and what inspired them to join forces to create BluePrint Cleanse and start building out their concept
  • What contributed to the speed of BluePrint’s growth, led to multiple opportunities to be acquired, and what happened to the company once it was finally sold
  • What inspired them to launch another CPG brand, Earth & Star, and how that journey is unfolding for them today
  • Their biggest business-related lessons after decades in the wellness space
  • And so much more!


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