episode 94: owning your voice to make your mark with Cameron Rogers

Why she’s amazing:

Cameron Rogers is a very freckled 28-year-old living in NYC with a big appetite for all things food. After working on Wall Street for 5 years, she decided it was time to wave goodbye to the corporate world and pursue her blog, Freckled Foodie full-time.

Since then, she’s worked with notable companies on creating content, dozens of individuals to achieve a healthier and more balanced lifestyle and developed her personality as a podcast host on Freckled Foodie & Friends. She was named one of the five entrepreneurs changing New York’s wellness scene by Forbes.

On her website, Instagram, and podcast (Freckled Foodie & Friends), Cameron makes a conscious effort to show you the truth of her health journey, without a filtered lens.

In a world that often feels too curated and inauthentic, she is challenging the status quo that people need a pristine kitchen or a perfect blowout to make a delicious meal. All you need is your precious time, fresh ingredients, and the determination to feed your body what it deserves.

What I love about Cameron is how unfiltered she is. She is one of the most authentic wellness influencers I’ve come across and, as you’ll hear in our conversation, that has played a huge role in how quickly her business has grown.

In the episode, she shares:

  • The life-altering moment that made her reevaluate her career and ultimately leave behind a high-paying salary and job in finance
  • All of the strategic steps she took before giving her notice and why she was able to monetize her business almost immediately
  • How her business evolved from 1:1 service offerings primarily earning income through content and brand partnerships
  • Why authenticity has ALWAYS been something she’s been conscious of and how she’s kept it really real with her audience every step of the way
  • What she’s done in order to boost engagement on social media, and why she says it’s so much more important than follower count
  • And so much more!


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