episode 265: making digital courses your main money-maker with manuela mitevova

Manu is a yogi, mover and teacher obsessed with the mind-body connection.  Her mission is to birth practices that heal emotional wounding, and reconnect you back with your native body- the one that’s free, connected, and flexible.

She’s been practicing yoga for 11 years, trained in India and all over Europe, and learned from some of the most brilliant physiotherapists and meditation teachers out there.

She combines movement science and ground-breaking research into the science of emotions, and offers it in simple practical terms as healing movement to all her students.

Her yoga style combines trauma healing somatics, zen Buddhism, but also biomechanics, and physiotherapy, because she believes there is a bigger picture we’ve been missing in our movement. The body and the mind are one, and only by tending to both can we truly heal.

As you’ll hear, Manu is a wealth of wisdom around building a digital product-based business. That and she is the most beautiful soul, leading her work with so much integrity and heart. I know you’ll adore her as much as I do.

Inside, we chat about:

  • The remote job she got right out of college that allowed her to live on an island in Spain and teach yoga and meditation for free in her spare time
  • Why working at a startup taught her all about marketing and online courses and ultimately inspired her to launch her first course just 3 years ago
  • The multiple digital products that flopped, and what she did to learn more about her audience and create something they wanted to buy
  • The launch of her most popular course, Hips Like Honey, the problem it solved for her ideal buyers, and why it turned into a great success
  • How she found her rhythm with social media and figured out what her audience engages with the most – and why that’s so crucial to anyone’s success on IG and beyond
  • And so much more!


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