episode 256: from Cirque du Soleil acrobat to trauma-trained transformation coach with Antonia Dolhaine

As a former professional acrobat with Cirque du Soleil, Antonia Dolhaine ran away from the circus to help you come home to yourself.

She is a trauma-trained holistic transformation coach who specializes in supporting uncommonly creative, curious, and committed beings to build wildly fulfilling lives and relationships.

Her approach is deeply relational and centers the wisdom of the body, supporting her clients to shed shame, connect to their innate healing capacity, and harmonize the ecosystem of their Self.

So, I’m very excited to have Antonia on the show – she did my Your Wellness Brand program years ago and it’s been so cool to follow her growth and expansion as a coach, and also benefit from the beautiful wisdom she shares on social media.

Inside, we chat about:

  • How envy sparked her ambition to become a circus artist and what it looked like for her to pursue that career and make it her reality
  • The painful moment she realized the Cirque de Soleil wasn’t “it” for her, the back injury that ended her contract, and what inspired her to start a business in wellness
  • What she did to initially launch a breath work business, her frustrations with social media, and the collaboration that ultimately started getting her clients
  • Her approach to content creation on social media today and how pleasure and relaxation has been key to writing posts or designing graphics that resonate with her audience
  • And more


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