episode 123: deleting the word should from your life & business with Tricia Huffman

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Tricia Huffman is the founder of Your Joyologist, a platform devoted to calling out shitty thoughts and urging people to claim their joy.

She’s a rock and roll roadie at heart and spent the first part of her career as a touring sound engineer for music icons like Dolly Parton, Melissa Etheridge, and Jason Mraz.

Being in this environment, she saw that everyone, including the people that “have it all” still struggle with feeling fulfilled, worthy, loved, successful and enough.

This along with the sudden passing of her father was the catalyst for the creation of her mindset and self-talk platform. And it’s been her mission ever since to inspire others to fully own who they are and claim their joy every single day no matter what.

In the episode, she shares:

  • Why she almost committed suicide at 15 years old and how choosing to live set her on a powerful trajectory to ditch the need to fit in and fully own her truth
  • Her process for intentionally moving through her fears, stories, and uncomfortable feelings so that she can find self-understanding and take action from that place— and her top tips for doing it yourself
  • Why taking “should” out of her vocabulary and replacing it with want changed her life in a massive way
  • How she got the unique opportunity to tour with Jason Mraz and became his personal wellness + joy guru, and why this kickstarted the beginnings of her business and reputation as the Joyologist
  • What it looked like for her to take this work and turn it into an online platform with multiple revenue streams
  • And so much more!


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