episode 95: creating the next big thing with Sarah & Mason Levey

Why they’re amazing:

Sarah & Mason Levey are the co-founders of the New York-based fitness hot spot, Y7 Studio which has 13 locations around the country. After many years of struggling to find a yoga class that she loved, these two put their heads together and decided to invent a fitness experience that broke down the traditional barriers of yoga.

Their classes combine 60-minutes of intensity with heat and strength, complemented by deep breathing to calm the mind–all while set to the latest beats (think A Tribe Called Quest, Cardi B, Frank Ocean). The other element making it accessible and inclusive? All classes take place in a dark room with zero mirrors to eliminate the distraction of physical comparison.

Because of their devotion to a great customer experience, these two have built a multi-million dollar company that has been called one of the fastest-growing fitness boutiques in the country and ranked in the top 100 of Inc’s annual 5000 list. They’ve also gotten press from Forbes, Vogue, Bazaar, Shape, InStyle, Refinery29, Women’s Health and more.

In the episode, they share:

  • The super smart and scrappy way they went about testing their concept, and the partnership that sparked their cult following
  • How they both maintained full-time jobs AND managed their studio for over two years, and what it looked like for them to eventually take the leap and go all in
  • Why creating an amazing customer experience has remained their best marketing strategy, and what they do to make it so special
  • Why they believe building a brand that stands for something is so key to longevity and people-pleasing and trying to be everything to everyone is a mistake
  • What it’s been like to run a company as a couple, the challenges they run into, and how they’ve worked to create healthy boundaries
  • And so much more!


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