episode 234: creating a brand that pulls in perfect-fit clients


Let’s dive into the art of creating a brand that pulls in perfect-fit clients, shall we?

From your website’s message, visuals, and energy to the way you carry yourself as a leader and connect with other humans – all of it plays a role in that attraction power.

It’s this beautiful blend of practical and magical ingredients that makes it all happen – and I share:

  • The 4 practical elements required to attract clients
  • The magical element + practices required to be magnetic
  • One of my most challenging launches and what I did to turn it around
  • And more!

Inside, I also share more about my business mentorship program, Your Wellness Brand –

A 14-week group experience designed to help you lay a solid business foundation, create the core assets of your brand, and integrate a core organic marketing strategy.

Head on over to yourwellnessbrand.com to learn more.

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