episode 203: choosing to lead with courage & compassion


In this week’s episode, I share a little story with you about a big download I received while in a breathwork session.

During that session, I felt my heart burst open and all of this inspiration pour in. And it gave me an idea – an important topic to share – with you here. Ever since I’ve been figuring how to communicate it with you.

But essentially, it is a core problem I see happening in our collective that is blocking authentic self-expression and kindness from dominating in the world.

This is a problem for so many reasons – but as it relates to business, if you want to be an authentic, magnetic, heart-led leader, you’ve got to examine these two human tendencies that are creating a ton of pain and misalignment.

I hope it inspires you to take a closer look at yourself – as I have been too! – and begin bringing courage and compassion into your connection points with other people on the planet, especially those who disagree with you.

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