episode 236: choosing the right platforms for your content


In today’s episode I answer a really juicy question from a listener –

“How do I best reach my goals? I feel like my head is spinning over here because I’m a one woman show but trying to do all of the things – IG, TikTok, Pinterest, email marketing, blog, Etsy. I’m exhausted!”

If you’re someone who is also struggling with “platform overwhelm” and you’re not sure where to create content or focus your energy, this episode is for you!

Inside, I dive into:

  • Whether or not you need to have a presence “everywhere” to be successful
  • How to choose the platforms that align the most with you, your business, and your audience
  • The difference between platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, and how to use them both
  • Why anchoring into your goal of the month or quarter is key to making your use of any platform efficient and effective
  • And more!

I hope it helps you clarify where you should be spending your time so that “doing all of the things” isn’t taking you down.

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