episode 157: choosing between being a creative or a wellness entrepreneur

Brand Yourself Podcast Blair Badenhop

Biz Wisdom Solocast

Are you a creative who also interested in wellness? Or are you a wellness entrepreneur who’s also interested in a creative field? It’s so normal to have more than one interest and passion and talent. Yet, when it comes to business, it can be confusing which path to choose.

In this solo episode, I was asked why I chose Brand Strategy over Health Coaching, and how I knew it was the right move for me. So, I share candidly about why I made the switch and what was happening circumstantially to propel me in that direction.

I also share my usual house update with you. Aside from the project we’re working on right now – it involves wallpaper! – I’ve been becoming more and more aware of ways that I tend to drain my energy and my joy. It’s something that not only plays a role in my life but has played a role in my business.

So, if you’re curious about what that is, listen to the first 8 minutes of the episode.

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