episode 212: business not flowing? this could be the root cause

Brand Yourself Blair Badenhop


Welcome back to another episode of Biz Wisdom…

Today, instead of addressing one challenge, I’ll be sharing four super common challenges and why they are usually a product of ONE root cause.


So, get your notes ready if you can – this is a juicy episode.

If you’re here listening to the show, I know you’re someone who wants to bring your truth into the world, to be of service in a way that lights you up, and to build momentum doing work you love.

And as you create your business, building it, growing it, and evolving it – you want to feel like you’ve found some flow.

Where instead of everything feeling like a heavy lift, a learning curve, or a lot of experimenting – you’re grounded, at ease, and making moves confidently.

And because of that energy, the momentum is building, the clients are coming, and the expansion is happening.

But the reality is – getting started or growing what you’ve already built is nuanced and challenging. That’s the nature of business.

However, how do you know when you’re experiencing a normal, entrepreneur challenge OR something that’s a foundational issue?

I’m about to help you find that clarity with 4 core challenges that signal your business foundation isn’t strong, but wobbly.

And how to fortify your business so that it has everything is needs to stand strong, and you have everything you need to embody what you do.

I also share all of the details about the LAST YWB group of 2022, and what makes this program extra special.

For more details visit yourwellnessbrand.com.

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