Talks that Inspire You to Be Yourself &
Teach You How to Brand Yourself

As a speaker, teacher, and podcast host, I’m on a mission to help aspiring and already-active entrepreneurs tap into their most powerful branding asset: themselves. Because the only way to be different in any industry is to leverage what makes them unique.

Branding yourself is what sets you apart from the crowd. It’s the only way to be in complete alignment with your purpose and your work. And it’s the only way to magnetize the clients and customers you’re meant to support.

Yet, most entrepreneurs either fail to recognize this or they simply don’t believe it. Resulting in the pressure to be someone they’re not. I see way too many people trying to fit themselves into a box that is pretty much a carbon copy of what every other business owner is doing. Or trying to be funny, cute, flowery, or bold when that’s not who they really are. These days, authenticity not only sells, but it’s the way to be in business.

So, what’s the solution? How can entrepreneurs start to leverage their truth in a way that actually leads to business growth? Four key ingredients.

CLARITY: We have to first be crystal clear about who we are, what we stand for, and what problem we solve with our businesses.

CONFIDENCE: We have to recognize our own value and gifts and stop focusing our shortcomings. This gives us the confidence to share them.

CREATIVITY: We have to tap into our innate creativity and inner guidance to be original and build brands that are completely one-of-a-kind.

COMMITMENT: And we have to be deeply connected to WHY we are pursuing our own ventures in order to remain committed to the journey.

Only then can we truly bring our whole selves to the table, serve those we are meant to serve, and build successful businesses.


My Experience

The Details:


Speaking Topics Include:

  • How to Connect with Your Innate Creativity
  • The 4-Part Strategy to Establishing a One-of-a-Kind Brand
  • Why Confidence, Creativity, and Commitment Are Key to Success
  • How I Became a 6-Figure Creative Business Owner

I am also happy to speak about:

  • Building a distinct wellness brand
  • Writing compelling website copy
  • Mindful marketing + manifestation

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