Let's Co-Create

Wellness Copywriter + Brand Visionary

Co-creation is the act of coming together with a trusted partner to bring your greatest vision to life. And you can consider me your very thoughtful and experienced partner in creating a brand that feels like you. The first step in that process is clarity and the next is copy. Copy that is authentic, heart-centered, and written in your voice. This is what I live to create and capture for every single entrepreneur raring to make a difference in the world.


More About Me

I feel like I won the lottery when I met and hired Blair.
She has incredible integrity, a kind heart, and is tremendously hard working; she always makes me feel like we can figure anything out together. I started working with Blair on one project that was close to my heart and before that was even complete, I literally couldn’t wait to hire her for all of my editorial and copywriting needs moving forward.  She really captured my voice so clearly, I can’t recommend Blair enough!

- Nitika Chopra, Talk Show Host + Self-Love Guru
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3 essential rules for epic productivity

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been on a mission to become a productivity ninja. Instead of reaching for my phone the moment I slide up against some writer’s block, I get up from my desk and have a solo dance party (and it works wonders, not kidding). Instead of diving into emails first thing in the morning, I... Read More

2016 highlights + special announcement!

Earlier this week, I got together with two girlfriends to reflect on the past 12 months and set some big intentions for 2017. We ate avocado toast with smoked salmon, drank hot cocoa with vegan marshmallows, and chatted about the pivotal decisions we’d made, the missteps we took, and the loose ends we have yet to tie up. As I listened... Read More

The Lady Bosses Behind Crop Tops & Kale

I have a really vivid memory as a teenager walking around my backyard with an old manual Canon. I took pictures of the trees, zoomed in on the flowers, and felt so confident capturing tiny little moments I found beautiful. It was just fun. Never did I imagine I could make a living being a photographer, let alone someone people wanted... Read More